What If I Told You There Is A Way to Cast Off Satan, And You Can Once Again Take Control Of Your Very Own Soul And Be The Only Parishioner Of Your Church?


Jesus said to Satan, "Away With You Satan"...And with that here is a website on how you speaking these 4 words can help you survive in this world.....

It is very simple to push Satan out of your church, just follow the simple 4 words below, and that simple..Satan Leaves

The bottom line is everyone on this planet has a common enemy... Satan.  And if we can ward off this evil by saying 4 simple words, you have nothing to lose, except evil 

                     With a Strong and From the Heart Voice Say... 
                    "Away With You Satan"
Turn this into a verbal argument with Satan/Evil, Say whatever comes to mind about how much you hate him......
                                      "What has Evil ever done for you?" think about it?"
After saying these words and telling Satan to go away, just that quick you should feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of you emotionally and you will feel the peace that believing in Jesus has provided for you,  your mind will clear and your deep depression will go completely away.

You will notice that your emotional roller coaster has come to a complete stop and you can exit the ride and enjoy the rest of your time on this Earth.

Anytime you experience any of these "evils" coming on speak it with your voice  "Away With You Satan" DO NOT THINK IT WITH YOUR INNER VOICE THIS WILL NOT WORKand quickly you will experience a calmness that only the power of God can give you

If this works for you, you will not become callused or uncaring you will have a better sense of control of your emotions.

Thank You Jesus

Now with these words "Away With You Satan" you can't destroy evil but you can ward it off and keep it away from you, but believe me Satan will be lurking in the shadows waiting for you to lower your shield and at this time Satan will strike and try to confuse you and you will need to say "Away With You Satan" many times, and raise and hold that verbal shield as tight as you can. Satan will run and hide away from you but Satan doesn't give up easily, nor should you, Remember God has got your back and, FEAR NO EVIL!!!!

                                               Now sit back and let me explain.....

How Did I Find Out About This?

I lost my son (only child) to cancer July 2014 it was a hard road to travel emotionally for years during his treatments I would cry sometimes uncontrollably almost every night, and after he passed I will visit him at his bodies resting place (his soul is in Heaven) every night and still I would cry and lose emotional control, This was from July 2014 to February 2015,  then in one moment on the very day I was still crying uncontrollable it all changed..... (yes this happened within minutes of each other, not over a period of time where people would say I was getting used to his passing, I want to be very clear on this)

as of this website update Feb. 2016 I still visit my son every night and yes the shield still works, Thank You Jesus

For the longest time I would listen to the Audio Version of the New Testament for inspiration and I did this back and forth from work (I drive 120 miles round trip so I get almost 3+ hours a day to listen) 

In February 2015 I was again listening to the New Testament everybody remembers Jesus saying "Away With You Satan" Jesus said this to Satan in Matthew 4  then when I got to the Book of James Chapter 4, verses 7 to 8

7 - Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
8 - Come near to God and he will come near to you 

I paused the audio playback rewinded back to that passage and I played that over again, I said to myself could it be that simple? so I spoke these words "Away With You Satan"I said this in a strong and powerful voice. After saying these words and telling Satan to go away, just that quick I felt like a ton of bricks have been lifted off of me, and at that very moment I felt the peace that believing in Jesus has provided for me, my mind was clear and my deep depression went completely away. My first words after all this weight was lifted off of me was "Really" as I looked up to the sky. I know it should have been something more profound and biblical, but sorry my first thought and words was "Really, Was It Just That Simple?" But I know its a gift from Jesus and I have all the love in the world for him. and I know he loves me. and Jesus doesn't want anybody that has trust and love for him to feel the pain of a loved one dying, because Jesus is saying to you, "It's okay, you get a single tear, but I want you to know I have your loved one, and they are doing just fine". To me my friends that is true definition of love...... Got Soul? 

Glory Onto The Savior Of Ultimate Love, Amen

If "The Shield" works for you, You will notice that your emotional roller coaster has come to a complete stop and you can exit the ride and enjoy the rest of your time on this Earth. and ever since I did that I have not cried uncontrollably or was an emotional mess, 
There are many other things the Shield does but I don't discuss them on this website email me if you get the shield I would love to hear your experiences. Actually when I do cry I get one tear in each eye when missing my son not the uncontrollable crying.  I also have a better attitude and when people ask me how I am doing I say "I'm at Peace" or say "I'mFeeling Okay"...or my favorite "I'm Fine". And if I feel myself slipping spiritually I will repeat and say "Away With You Satan" sometimes I will say it 3 or 4 times in a row, so use it when you want strength and Jesus will give you a shield to repel evil. but there are times Satan acts like a spoiled child and he will be relentless and Sometimes you need to use the "Triple Play" say these one after the other,

"Away With You Satan"
"Away With You Evil"
"Away With You Demons"

And Satan will flee from you.

Why Would God Give Us This Shield? Because Jesus doesn't want you to suffer the passing of a loved one or to be deeply depressed, Jesus wants you to know his love is true and your loved one is in his care and no evil will ever harm them again, and by saying these words to Satan it gives you strength and hope that everything in God's world will be perfect (without death, evil and everything else Satan uses against you as a weapon) This is why Jesus is giving you a shield (makes sense doesn't it?) 

I have an expression: "Give your Heart to Jesus, God has got your back

RememberOnly Jesus has the Power of the Sword to Destroy Evil

Why Does or Doesn't this work?  If it works it'
s because you deeply love Jesus, and in turn Jesus has always loved you and he gave his life for you. God wants you to see how cowardly Satan really is and even us "Earth Dwellershave the ability to scare him off by saying these words. Also it's a continuous message from God to Satan that Jesus will destroy him.

If saying with a strong voice "Away With You Satan" has no affect on you, fret not I have told many people about "The Shield" and of the people that it works for is 1 out of 10, besides me. (yes this works for other people besides myself and it is fact not a fairy tale because how this affects me affects them in the same manor) something I have learned as of February 2016 a year since I discovered the shield is that if you experience long term suffering or someone is dying or has passed away and you have a deep love for Jesus, the shield works. If you try the shield and it works for you please contact me on how it works for you. I am interested in learning more myself, besides the obvious that Jesus loves us which goes without saying

Now believe me, I can be just as cynical as the next guy when I read this kinda stuff, many things go through my mind like.... well he lost his son so he found an out to make him feel better..good for him clap...clap...clap. But this is not the case when I said those words and I was driving home from the cemetery that evening I was thinking, why does this work? and after many days of my changed emotional being it hit me, Jesus loves us, Jesus always loves us even when some people don't love him, his love is there waiting for you. Evil has such a over-powering control people don't get the fact that what they take is "human emotion" is really evil doing his bidding on you, the shield will help you see that, it did for me.

As I stated this shield has helped more than me, I will give you an example of another persons experience.

In February of 2015 I used the shield, I was spiritually confused thinking.... okay this works for me should I keep it to myself and be blessed? or should I throw myself in the path of the cynics who would look at me and say, Un-Huh.
So in April 2015 I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone and its been a while since we talked and she asked how I was doing I told her I was at peace and she was happy for me, but, this person's husband has ALS and as you might expect there is long term suffering associated because of the progression of this disease is slow, so I asked her how she is doing like I couldn't guess... and after talking to her I decided to tell her about the Shield, I told her all about my story and said keep an open mind so I said to her, try this when you get off the phone and you pray in your secret place where only you and Jesus are there and with a strong voice say "Away With You Satan" and we ended our conversation and a week went by and I didn't hear from her and I thought...okay she thinks I went off the deep end so I called her and after a few minutes I asked.... did you try what I suggested and she replied yes and I had to pry, well.... did it work..... yes! and me being cynical myself had to ask her, okay what do you experience? and when she did I knew the Shield works for her too and in April the Shield will be with her for a year, so we both can't be wrong

So I started to do internet searching for anybody that might have this, the only thing that relates is an actor named Dean Jones (Disney films) and I took this from his Wiki Page

Now when you read this look at the variables 
1) Born Again Christian, (deep faith in Jesus)
2) Long Term Suffering (Jesus hates this)
3) Verbally Prayed (as we all should do)
4) Felt Peace and Joy Flood Into His Heart.... (Amen)

"Jones became a devout born-again Christian in 1973 or 1974. His book Under Running Laughter (1982) recounts his experience of Christianity. He had had a history of suffering from depression. His wife, Lory, said, "One night he got down on his knees and prayed that God would free him from the miserable moods that he had always suffered. He told me that in an instant it was gone and he felt peace and joy flood into his heart"

In Dean's prayer he must have said Away With You Satan, and didn't even know he did it or thought about it, but he did and it did work, Mine was I heard James say 
Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. And that's where I put the two together and I knew what worked and to this day as I type this I know it works.

As I said if this works for you great, if it doesn't keep trying, but the logic is living by the words Away With You Evil is common sense when you feel angry and you want to lash out. stop and say Away With You Evil. and in that time sit back and calm down, and this is if the shield "doesn't" work for you. 

Disclaimer: This will not cure the common cold, help you win the lottery, get a date, make you more intelligent, make you the life of the party, or even make your enemies like you. Also you need a strong faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, (the more you reveal to Jesus the more he reveals to you) remember these are the words of Jesus so if you don't have a strong faith, these words will not work for you, sorry...but keep trying, you'll get there :)

But If These Words Work For You, it will make you a better person being at peace with yourself, and that my friends is priceless

When you say "Away With You Satan" (Matthew 4 verse 10) remember these are the words of Jesus, so if you don't believe in the Christ, These words will not work for you, sorry

It's been over 5 years and "The Shield" is still with me, I have learned more but the Love of God is strong and he wants you to be protected from Satan, you tried everything else to take away your pain, Try Jesus

Here is what I learned or have been shown....

How do you achieve Salvation?

Faith isn't all you need to get salvation
Faith isn't something you can just have
not in the conventional sense
Faith isn't the goal, Faith is the process it takes time and dedication each day.
This world is not about financial achievement alone, it's about how we care and interact with each other like God cares and interacts with us. Having faith is good, but not the only thing you need to get salvation.

Compassion and Freewill

Why is there war, starvation, poverty, disease, fire, flood, a child goes missing, a man loses hope, we being human have more power than we know, food can be grown, diseases can be cured and wars ended a troubled veteran can be helped and a marriage saved, when you ask God why all this is happening start by looking to each other and that's where God will be. Miracles happen every day....sometimes the miracle is you

Does Freewill Exist?

Freewill does exist, the entire foundation of human law depends on the existence of freewill. Does this mean that every human act is a matter of freewill? Of course not, no more than you can use freewill to grow back an amputated limb.
God's Will and Human Freewill are not contradictory they are not two versions of the same thing, but they do fit perfectly together, God designed it that way, Freewill is like a game of chess pieces interact, there's rules, there's give and take, but no two pieces can occupy the same space at the same time, it's like God and Us, people make choices, and those choices have consequences and if knowing Gods Will were part of every human decision, how would anything every happen.....you have to make your own choices and live by those choices no matter how you arrived at them.

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Sometimes bad things do happen to some very good people, Ask Jesus